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It's one thing to tell others to self-host their artwork, another is to follow your own advice.
In wake of recent online events, I'll be putting money where my mouth is and providing my existing and future works in a nice table here.

Image Description
Date created: 2022-12-17

This is a render of Lain with a PC-9801RA and Sharp X68000 in the background.
The scene was formed in MikuMikuDance, then exported into an LWOv2 object for rendering in LightWave.
Date created: 2022-12-09

This is a conversion of a MikuMikuDance model of Keiki Haniyasushin to an N64 display list.
The console is brought down to it's knees with a large lightmap texture and over 20 thousand triangles!
Date created: 2022-12-05

This is a conversion of a MikuMikuDance model of Lain Iwakura (creator: IVatu) to an N64 display list.
It is a test of 640x480 mode with anti aliasing enabled.
Date created: 2022-02-25

An animated render of Alpha and Kokone together looking at the sea.
This too is rendered in LightWave 5.0 for Amiga, though it's been converted from HAM8 .ANM to MP4.
The character models were created by nekoma_1214.
Date created: 2022-02-21

A render of IVatu's Lain Iwakura MMD model in LightWave 5.0 for Amiga, along with a simple CRT monitor model I created myself in Modeler.
Date created: 2021-10-22

A conversion of Arlvit's Yuuka Kazami MMD model to a Mario 64 map.
Before reprogramming tffdev's N64 homebrew model viewer, this is the best I could work with.
Date created: 2021-07-28

This is a render of PC-98 Reimu, Marisa, and Mima done in MMD, adapted into a 16-color MAG.
ViX and C-Lab's MultiPaint were used for this process, and the latter was done on real PC-9821 V166 hardware.
Date created: 2021-03-23

This is a render of PC-98 Marisa and Mima done in MMD for the purpose of testing MMEffect shaders.
Date created: 2021-03-15

A 5-minute drawing of PC-98 Reimu from memory done in MSPaint.
Date created: 2020-12-13

A more technically accurate interpretation of thegooseisloos6's piece of art
Date created: 2020-12-11

A test of IVatu's MMD models of Lain, based on the PlayStation 1 game and TV series respectively.
Date created: 2020-11-05

A pose created in Garry's Mod, poking fun at the text on the left.
Date created: 2020-11-03

A wacky combination of Morshu and Ooishi.
Date created: 2020-07-16

The joke is English pronunciation.
Date created: 2020-05-25

Low resolution drawings of the main Higurashi cast.
Date created: 2020-05-15

A mockup of Umineko as a PC-98 ADV game.
Date created: 2020-05-06

An edit of Arle Nadja from Madou Monogatari 1-2-3 PC-98 to look like Rena Ryuugu.
Date created: 2020-03-15

Rena Ryuugu as she appears in Higurashi Daybreak, posed in MikuMikuDance.
Date created: 2019-12-01

A test of drawing Pi-compressed images on PC-98 with a transparent color.
Date created: 2019-09-15

A redraw of Rena Ryuugu in C-Lab MultiPaint for PC-98.
Date created: 2019-05-19

A crossover of Umineko and Day of the Tentacle.