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Tenohira de Higurashi ga Naku: The GBA port of Higurashi

FloPerfecto has recently discovered an archived webpage of a very interesting project
that aimed to bring Higurashi to the Gameboy Advance.

It is developed by Inside-cap, a developer I wasn't able to find any information about on the modern web.
The dev distributed a program that took data from the original NScripter releases and converted it for use with their
"AIR Pocket Project" engine.

Given the platform restrictions, it does an okay job of emulating the original experience.
The most jarring difference is with the audio, which is now played at a lower frequency and bit depth, and the music
which is now fully sequenced, making rather poor use of the CPU mixing and legacy GB sound system.

The sound driver is called "AIR pocket project's eXtended Audio Kernel".
Just like before, no info to be found anywhere online, let alone any reverse engineering attempts.

I tried to use the conversion tool with my copy of the demo, but it didn't seem to like it and failed.
The developer has also published a "Sound Test" ROM which only contains the sequenced music and instrument samples.
Nicolate was kind enough to record and upload the entire soundtrack to YouTube.

First published: 22nd of October, 2019